ASICS Gel Kayano 23 Women’s Review

We try out the latest version of this flagship stability shoe

ASICS Gel Kayano 23 Womens

The ASICS Gel Kayano is a stability shoe that’s been around for years – in fact, this must be the fifth or sixth iteration of the shoe that we’ve tested over the years and we’ve always been big fans.

This is an expensive shoe, no doubt, but you know that you’re getting all the technical support ASICS can offer to help control overpronation, as well as a comfortable ride over miles and miles of running. Some things about the ASICS GEL Kayano 23 women’s shoe haven’t changed since version 22, such as the core stability features (harder density foam in the inside of the midsole, stiff heel counter). The beautifully comfortable knitted Fluidfit upper is still there too, helping to give a breathable (but not cold) experience and a really snug but not restrictive fit.

What is noticeable in this version of the shoe is kinder cushioning and a slightly lighter feeling ride. That’s probably because of the addition of new FlyteFoam along the midsole (also used in the showcase DynaFlyte shoe). There’s also gender-specific cushioning in this model, and it does feel a lot easier to run a long way in, especially if you’re sticking to the roads.

There are some aspects of this shoe that some people won’t enjoy. Although the forefoot is very flexible, and the carved Guidance Line in the outside helps with heel-to-toe transition, the overall feeling is quite firm and those who like to feel the ground when they run might find it restrictive and distancing. The heel area is also very stiff. However, this is a shoe designed for people who want structure and stability and – as long-term Kayano wearers – we really appreciated the solid feel of it. For us, the price is the only limiting factor. You will most likely get hundreds of miles out of this shoe but if, say, you’re marathon training, you’re still looking at a couple of pairs a year at almost £300. Personally our tester felt it was an investment worth making for a structured shoe with forgiving fit and cushioning.

Cost: £145

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