Meet our cover star: Kim Ingleby

Kim tells us her top motivational running tips and reveals her dream run!

Physical training is a given in running, but our July cover star, Kim Ingleby, 37, is proof of the power of positive thinking and working on your mental skills, too. The coach and NLP practitioner – known to her clients as ‘the brain ninja’ – had to harness all her mental strength to learn to cope with encephalitis, after contracting Weil’s disease while open-water swimming for a triathlon three years ago. Battling periods of extreme fatigue, seizure like episodes and re-learning simple skills (like riding a bike), Kim has never lost her love of running. She now uses the tools she teaches clients to help her stay positive and find new fun in fitness. WR’s editor, Liz Hufton, caught up with Kim to find out her top running tips and what her dream run would be:

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