5 safety tips for exercising while pregnant

Worried about exercising in pregnancy?

Whilst it is important to remain as fit as possible when pregnant, there is nothing more essential than ensuring the overall well-being of both mum and baby. Undertaking exercise is never risk-free and it’s important to keep you and your baby safe.

It’s always best to consult with your GP and midwife about your pregnancy workout routine – but here are some simple tips from Unity Beauty Essentials that can help to keep you safe in pregnancy…

1. Don’t push yourself – a woman’s body can react in unexpected ways at the best of times when she is pregnant, making exercise to the point of exertion incredibly ill-advised. It is not unusual to feel dehydrated, weakened and possibly dizzy. Instead of strenuous exercise, opt for exercise light enough to comfortably maintain a conversation.

2. Ease in and ease out – warming up before exercise and cooling down afterwards is always essential, but it becomes all the more so during pregnancy as it helps to prepare the body for increased activity.

3. Avoid lying on your back – though not a worry for the first handful of weeks, it is best to avoid lying on your back as the 15th week of pregnancy approaches. This is because the weight of a baby pushing down against you can adversely affect the flow of blood around the body, resulting in low blood pressure and light-headedness.

4. Work out in water – if you have access to a swimming pool, you might want to consider exercising in it as your bump starts to grow. As a full body activity, swimming is fantastic exercise and can be carried out at whatever pace an individual finds comfortable. Moreover, being mostly submerged in water will take some of the weight of your baby off your back, providing what we’re sure will be a welcome relief.

5. Remain firmly on your feet – you may not have thought about it quite like this before, but a lot of activities and exercises involve falling. Falling from a height can be potentially dangerous for both pregnant women and the babies they are carrying, so it’s best to keep your feet on the ground.

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