ASICS DynaFlyte Women’s Shoe Review

We try ASICS DynaFlyte for women, the brand's latest light, neutral running shoe

ASICS DynaFlyte Women's Running Shoe

The ASICS DynaFlyte women’s shoe is light, cushioned and responsive

Built with the brand’s new FlyteFoam technology – first seen in the top-of-the-line MetaRun shoe late last year – the ASICS DynaFlyte women’s shoe is a light, neutral cushioned model, designed for long-distance running.

The main feature of the DynaFlyte is the full-length FlyteFoam midsole, which is designed to give great shock absorption while bringing the shoe weight right down. ASICS says it’s 55% lighter than the industry standard foam. Our test pair in women’s UK size 6 weighed in at 237g, which is a pretty light for such a well cushioned shoe. Teamed up with some of the brand’s tried and trusted technology, such as a pad of GEL cushioning and the Guidance Line in the outsole, it feels like a pretty stable shoe for something that’s not really designed for overpronators (people whose feet roll too far in on foot-strike).

Running shoes are getting lighter every year and, for anyone used to wearing minimalist or speed-work shoes, the ASICS DynaFlyte won’t feel shockingly light. But what we liked about it is that it has the reassuring feel of, say, a GEL Nimbus (ASICS classic plush cushioned shoe) with a much lighter weight and easier running style. The ride is surprisingly responsive for such a protective shoe, so you never lose touch with the feel for the ground or feel as though the shoes are deadening your precious energy input.

With its relatively wide toebox and snug, close-knit upper with minimal overlays, this also feels quite stable. As a result, although it’s billed as a neutral shoe, we think mild overpronators will get on fine with it. The inside of the shoe is soft and seam-free, which is brilliant, although running without socks in these did give our tester blisters on the inside of the heel – this might be because of overpronation though, so don’t be put off.

Overall, the ASICS DynaFlyte women’s shoe is great for people who want the protection and shock absorption of a neutral cushioned ASICS classic but in a lighter, more responsive model. Oh, and it looks cool too!

Price: £130

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